Where is the crossXover Church located?

CrossXOver is NOT a church. We are part online content hub and part software platform. We work with content creators to develop and share content geared toward helping people start or continue their journey with Christ.

How Does crossXover Work?

Visitors submit their information through the form at the bottom of our homepage. Once that information is completed, our team works with our vast network of churches across the country to help find the right match. The church will then have a representative reach out via text to welcome the visitor, learn more about them, and invite them to Church.

How Do I Remove My Data From Your Network?

To begin this request, please use our Data Subject Rights request form. If we do not receive a response within 5 business days we will not be able to process your request.

Please note that we may take steps to verify your identity before processing your request. To ensure we are processing the request of the right person, we require proof of identity be provided in conjunction with any requests that we receive from third party entities, platforms or applications.

We may ask you to submit a notarized form or other information related to your relationship with us to validate your identity, or we may use a third-party vendor to provide identity verification services. We are committed to protecting the security of the information that we have about individuals, especially in light of publicized attempts by third parties to alter information through fraudulent requests.

For additional information or to understand specific rights that apply to you, you can reference the Gloo Privacy Statement and Trust Center.